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Entry #25

Back in the action.

2011-10-27 17:36:55 by Hydrodude516

Well, I was away from flash for a while. I was working with various engines to see what I liked and what I didn't. In the end I concluded that no matter what engine I used it was never as fun as using flash. So now I'm back for the time being and have gained some more knowledge about game development. So forget the old, its time for the new.

Now on to more news.
I'm currently working on one thing.
A real game this time around. Based on my own game universe.
Alien Resistance. This was my first ever flash idea. Over the years I have filled notebooks with ideas for the story and game. So I will reboot the series and make a new game. It will be 100% about the story.
So stay tuned for more news about this.

Also don't think I forgot about click the stick....Okay maybe I did..But i remember now. So stay tuned for that as well.


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